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Dischromatics Expresses Concerns about the Lack of Ambition of Some Young People

Blog post   •   Jun 24, 2013 11:39 BST

With so many young people out of work at this time it is very refreshing to see a Council taking the initiative in this way, in fact they are leading the way in the UK and having my own business situated with the borough I am very pleased to have the opportunity to utilise this scheme. The council are expecting to take on 300 new employees per year which if adopted throughout the country would take a huge step in reducing the unemployment of young people at a stroke and making each more employable in the future. Unfortunately, I have become sceptical due to my own negative experiences.

No-one can force these young people to take up this generous offer, we can only hope they realise what could be the opportunity of a lifetime which could enable them to turn their lives round and become valuable members of the community with the added advantage of giving them self-respect and which will go some way to achieving future security. The questions is, are these openings being filled and are the candidates able to even get through and interview with a prospective employer?

My experience of this scheme so far has been most disappointing, not because of the Passport to Employment programme itself or the people running it but more worryingly the lack of enthusiasm of the young persons whose CV’s we have received to assess for interview. After an initial tranche of CV’s we decided there were two candidates who we would like interview at the company premises. Both declined to even attend the interview as they would have to catch the bus to travel five miles for which they would have been reimbursed.

Two weeks ago I received a call from one of the programme officers to tell me that she had a candidate who might fit the requirements of the placement. We immediately set up an appointment for the interview and in due course this young person arrived on time which gave me hope that things might improve in my experience up to that time. Unfortunately the interview was a disaster. There was simply no enthusiasm, I always like to put people at ease and get them to talk about themselves initially as this gives me a lot of important pointers on interaction, ability to communicate, confidence and enthusiasm.

When asked to talk about themselves and in particular their interests, hobbies, pastimes, what subjects they preferred at school, what they would like to do for a job and their ambitions, the response was that they didn’t know what to say! Having tried hard to tease out something positive, well anything really, there was simply no interest in being there and we concluded the interview to save us both any further pain and frustration. Clearly, their CV indicated to me that this person had the ability to do the job but was only going through the motions to satisfy the criteria of the programme and no intention of showing anything positive in case he was offered the position.

The fundamental point here is that this is an actual long term employment prospect, not a short term use of cheap labour. Dischromatics was formed in 1989 with ISO accreditations, so a well-established company providing CD Duplication and DVD Duplication. Recently forming a new arm to the business called Dischro Creative, providing digital marketing which includes video production, graphic design and much more. So a company with many interests for most young people and a great prospect for promotion within the company. This is what worries me about the future. If many of our young school leavers and graduates are not even prepared to take a bus ride or are just interested in getting employment on their doorstep, where is this country headed. In many ways, we have to blame the nanny state.