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Discover Namibia - the must visit destination for 2017!

Blog post   •   Jan 17, 2017 12:09 GMT

Gemma Higgs, Product Manager, is passionate about Namibia, her absolute favourite destination, and this is why. We have availability on holiday departures in June and August so be inspired and book now!

I was delighted to learn that Namibia is tipped to be a top destination for 2017! I am only surprised that it took so long for people to notice this vastly beautiful African destination which is really like no other.

Namibia is by far my favourite destination and as a product manger for Chapters Experience Holidays and an avid traveller, I am pretty well travelled. I am often mocked for my enthusiasm on discovering a new place and declaring on my return that, not only is it my favourite place but that I want to live there. My husband has started to fear my return from trips, being that he is very comfortable where we are! But since travelling to Namibia for the first time in 2013, I can no longer declare my undying love for other destinations, although I can certainly recommend a good many others. Now when I am asked what my favourite place is there is no contest, it is Namibia every time.

I have now been twice and I am now planning to bring my husband along with me for our family holiday this year too. I don’t think that I could ever get tired of the place, and this is due to the wonderful contrasting and diverse beauty of the panoramas, it’s safe, friendly and it really does have everything.

The accommodation is first rate and never fails to surprise me with its unique décor lovingly furnished with natural materials but with luxurious touches, bush luxury if you will, and in the most breathtaking settings. A tent is not just any tent, but usually contains a proper bed, sometimes a four poster bed! A comfy duvet and ensuite facilities. A TV? Who needs a TV when there in a friendly warthog grazing outside your window? Even the most remote locations provide the most delicious fresh, home cooked dinners to rival any top restaurant.

And maybe finish the day with a drink at the bar?

How can you ever get bored during your journey with views like this?!

In one trip, such as ours, you can experience the most awe-inspiring desert landscapes and climb the mighty dunes.

You can enjoy the cool breeze of the coast at Swakopmund and Walvis Bay. Even if you are not a bird enthusiast, you cannot help but be in awe of the great flocks of flamingos, colourful pelicans and a black oyster catcher. And if that does not float your boat, then maybe a boat trip where it is not unusual to have pod of dolphins for company, a sighting of a killer or humpback whale (in the right season) or as I experienced, a sea lion jump aboard the boat to hitch a ride to Pelican Point! All while enjoying champagne and oysters.

Here I am, slightly terrified by our friendly guest!

Slightly terrified by our guest!

You can experience extraordinary wildlife opportunities in Okonjima, where you can get close to Namibia’s large carnivores at the AfriCat Foundation. This is a wonderful project, striving to protect carnivores from the conflict on commercial farmland, and a conservation project that helps us protect and learn about these incredible creatures. It is a privilege to get this close to these mighty cats and see their rewarding work in action. One of the activities you can do is trek Cheetahs on foot, get incredibly close its quite an experience.

No zoom, I really was this close!

The accommodation at the Plains Camp is also one of my all time favourite properties, and it's fair to say I've stayed in a lot! You can enjoy a game experience from your bed as your large bedroom window looks out to the plains beyond and it is not unusual to see some thrilling African game grazing outside.

I can also highly recommend Etosha National Park, but to give our holiday an exciting twist and since a standalone holiday to Botswana can often be beyond most people budgets we have included the core of our wildlife experience in Botswana’s. Here we have the opportunity to discover thrilling wildlife encounters in the Caprivi Strip and Chobe National Park. And, as we have made it this far why not continue to neighbouring Zimbabwe and experience the breathtaking Victoria Falls and spend time in this bustling little town!

I could go on on about Namibia and this wonderful holiday all day long, so I will leave you to reflect on what wonderful experiences and stories you too could experience. Precious moments you treasure for a lifetime and entertain friends with and just maybe it can become your favourite destination too.