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DO NOT look for the cheapest price for leaflet distribution, it could lead to disaster!!

Blog post   •   Mar 08, 2012 11:20 GMT

If your looking for a reliable company to deliver your leaflets, DO NOT look for the cheapest price as it could be one of the most costly mistakes you might ever make. After all talk is cheap, if a company will beat any price then what corners are they cutting.

 We know what it takes to ensure that a good job is done time after time, It means having the right blend of staff, ours are mostly retired or semi retired and as a result we tend to find them more reliable.

 Our distributors are paid extremely well for what is a demanding job. Most distributors have been with us a long time and have proved reliable time & time again and we give them regular work BUT every distributor knows they will be fully back checked on every job to ensure delivery has taken place.

 There is a huge amount of work that goes behind every distribution, creating maps, collecting leaflets from clients, creating maps, sending invoices, weekly up date report to all clients on every job, taking leaflets & maps to distributors, back checking every job & finally paying the distributor.

 As you can see there is a heck of a lot of work that goes behind every distribution ,so hope fully you can see why this testimonial along with the dozens we already have means so much to us.

 Dear Di & Pete, 

@ Your Service has distributed the Bristol Magazine on a monthly basis for the last three years.  The delivery is to a mixture of residential dwellings and also shops and businesses within the Bristol area. 

The level of organisation and support that you have attained has been of a very high standard, your service and dedication to this end, we believe, has helped to grow The Bristol Magazine’s profile and, as a result, we are now considered by readers and advertisers alike, as one of Bristol’s most successful and iconic titles. We have no hesitation in recommending @ Your Service as a company who will deliver your message to potential clients on time and on budget. 

Kind Regards  Steve Miklos


Bristol Magazine 

So if your thinking about leaflet distribution to boost your company's sales, then give us a call 0117-9476272 we will be glad to help!