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Dont Let The Hard Economic Times Spoil Your Party

Blog post   •   Feb 07, 2011 13:32 GMT


Lets Party Our Way Out Of The Hard Times

OK so times are tough, we know you can’t get away from it every time you have the television on or open a newspaper it’s there doom and gloom well don’t let it spoil your party. We all have Birthdays, engagements, weddings and not forgetting Christmas and New Year in these hard financial times we should make the effort to celebrate special occasions. After all it is these days that keep us going when times are difficult we all need to let our hair down and have our spirits lifted from time to time.
Maybe we have all been guilty of being a bit wasteful in the past and not making the most of what we have got but it is not too late to start now. When planning a party think ahead maybe instead of ordering paper table covers order plastic ones which can be wiped and used again. The same can be said of decorations maybe invest in some decorations what ever the event that can be used again.
Don’t avoid fancy dress pick a fancy dress theme which is broad and easy such as western or even if it is an adults party get the men to come as women and the women to some as men. We did this once and it was a huge success with a huge variety of results. Some men had raided their wives wardrobes and seemed far too comfortable in their clothes, and some had really gone to town and hired costumes. The result was equally hilarious and we have a night we will remember for years to come.

Raid your wardrobe to find the most outrageous or embarrassing outfit you have lurking at the back and customise it with some fancy dress platforms which you can use again or an accessory of some kind. Hats, wigs and masks are the most simple way to achieve this or if you have some creative flair invest in a face paint pack and go wild.

If you are having a child’s party why not have a decorate a hat competition or get them to customise their own old t-shirt, get them to wear it to the party and make it a competition with a prize for the best design. This is not just budget busting but it encourages creativity a valuable asset in adults and children these current financially worrying times.

Make the emphasis not on spend but initiative we all have any number of clothing/objects/belongings lying around our houses, in a box in the garage or in the loft. Get them out cut them up use the net or bling and get creative if you have an old fancy dress costume why not customise it a bit maybe add an inexpensive hat, mask or wig. With a bit of creativity no-one would even know it is the same costume or if purchasing a costume pick something you can use again by making small changes or adding accessories.

Little things like this make a difference so don’t dread a celebration coming up, get clever and turn up in something no-one else will have it’s you very own couture creation. Recycle those party accessories you will probably be surprised once you get started at how inventive you are!