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Dress for Success in Summer 2012 with Gold Plated Cufflinks

Blog post   •   Aug 16, 2012 12:29 BST

How to dress for success in summer 2012

Summer’s great, but most blokes dread the demands of dressing right for special seasonal events. Here’s how to take on these two summer party nightmares:

1. The work do

The work do might take place a long way away from the office, but it’s still essential to apply the right dress code. That means sharp styling, whether you’ve been instructed to go formal or informal. The secret to this one is to opt for great quality tailoring and well-chosen accessories like gold plated cufflinks or personalised silver cufflinks. You might be out of the office, but you’re still in a professional environment. Why create a poor impression with your party ensemble?

2. The wedding party

The wedding party is the great tradition of the summer season. The key to being ready for your friends’ special day is to prepare your look in advance. That doesn’t mean hours and hours of preparation. Just some careful thought about the right kind of detailing, whether that’s matching antique silver cufflinks for everyone in the bridegroom’s entourage or a sterling silver tie bar that shows you’ve really put some thought into the occasion.

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Guest Post: Darren Walker is the sales manager of Esquire Originals, a design studio specialising in finely crafting hand-made, bespoke cufflinks for organisations and individuals. You can read more of Darren's articles on how cufflinks can promote organisational pride and commemorates special occasions by reading Kraft Cufflinks blog here. You can also find him on Google+ and Twitter.