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Duomos and Wildflowers in Tuscany - Elena Cunningham

Blog post   •   Oct 12, 2010 16:17 BST

Walking in the Mountains of Tuscany – July 25th – Aug 8th

Walking in the Mountains of Tuscany was a wonderful trip that my son and I had taken 15 years ago. It was every bit as wonderful all these years later. There were many things to highlight, but if I had to choose one or two, it would be climbing to the top of the duomo in Florence for the spectacular view from the top. On one of the off-hiking days, we were taken by coach to Florence and our mission there was to climb to the top of the duomo as we had last time. This time, there was a line that was quite long, but we only waited maybe an hour for our turn to begin the climb.

Of course, there are lots of steps, and at one point they curve round and round as though you are climbing a lighthouse. There are maybe 800 steps. Somewhere I think it was written how many, but you can’t think about that! During your climb, you also have two opportunities to see the paintings on the ceiling of the duomo and it is just spectacular. You can also look down into the church and see it from the vantage point of being above the seats and altars. Once up top, the views are just so incredible: red tiled roofs, terraces, more beautiful architecture seen from above.

Florence is a beautiful city no matter how you are looking at it!

And, speaking of views, there were several ridge walks on the hiking agenda and these were always my favourite because you could see mountains upon mountains, villages in the distance and even the Mediterranean Sea. The wildflowers provided spectacular bursts of colour everywhere you looked and the air was clean and fresh up there. It was gorgeous and invigorating! What a fabulous trip!