Easy-to-access content with the new generation of web-based self-service

Blog post   •   Aug 27, 2012 14:52 BST

In this blog article I intend to point out and describe certain of the most important improvements in the end-user interface (as opposed to the administration interface) made in connection with the development of ComAround Zero™. Our watchword and our ambition for the new service is to offer help to users fast, when they need it and on their own terms, wherever they might be.

The content, in the service we offer, consists of three different types of guides for solving simple problems or answering commonly occurring questions. We offer text and video guides as well as online training programmes, or interactive guides as they are also called. The number of guides and when they become available comprise the quantity in our content delivery. The design of the guides in respect of language and setup as well as how they are displayed comprise the quality in our content delivery.

The accessibility to the content is determined by the web application functions e.g. good search engines and easily navigated menus and not so much by the content in itself. The main purpose of the web application is, of course, to make the content accessible and we place great emphasis on accessibility when now building the next generation of our self-service system: ComAround Zero™.

Offering help to the user fast

One of the most important changes we deliver in ComAround Zero™, compared with earlier versions, is that we have introduced a horizontal menu instead of a vertical one. This facilitates navigation for the reader, offers more space for the content and also ties...

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