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Face to Face Financial Advice from Pen-Life

Blog post   •   Aug 17, 2012 13:06 BST

No money talk please, we’re British! recently ran a story about the number of people in Britain locked into home loans. If you’re worried about repaying your mortgage, the article says, your first move should be to talk to your partner.

Seems obvious - money worries shared are often halved. So why do so few of us actually talk about money, even with the people we love the most?

Perhaps it’s because we’re British. We bury our heads in the sand because, in our culture, we’re expected to pretend to be so loaded that we never need to bring up the rather grisly issue of cash. Yet talking about your financial future with the right financial advisor is one of the most important steps you can take towards peace of mind. Financial advice doesn’t have to be complicated and getting your investments in order is incredibly worthwhile.

At Pen-Life, much of our work comes from referrals. Which?, the consumer campaigning charity, recommends financial advisors which, like Pen-Life, have achieved ISO 22222, are Chartered and are fee-based. Very few IFAs in the country meet these criteria, and Pen-Life is perhaps the only one in North Yorkshire.

Why not come to us for a Discovery Meeting - where we can look at your financial options together and discuss your strategy? Please apply on our webpage and, if we think we can help you, we’ll be back in touch to schedule the meeting.

Guest Post: Julie is the director of Pen-Life, financial planning practice which provides independent, no-nonsense financial advice from Yorkshire. We advise private, corporate and trustee clients throughout the country on insurance, investments, pensions, long term care and inheritance tax. You can also find her on Google+ and Twitter.