Facebook Timeline for companies during 2012

Blog post   •   Mar 07, 2012 15:01 GMT

What does Facebook say about Timeline for companies?

Since Facebook Timeline for private persons was launched during 2011 there has been lively speculation as to when Timeline for companies (Pages) will arrive. This speculation is natural since Facebook, on the launching of Timeline in September, said this was a long-term and important development in the way of presenting pages and information in Facebook. It is also easy to see new possibilities for companies to leverage their brand and highlight their business pages in Facebook with the increased possibilities that Timeline offers, not least in terms of graphic impact.

Timeline is also able to offer interesting connections to other sites and services that the company has, not least with Facebook Connect’s trusted connections. We at ComAround, for example, would be able to disclose the latest shown or most popular guides in our ComAround Free service directly on our ComAround Page in Facebook.

On 15 February, representatives for Facebook said to Mashable: “we are currently focused on Timeline for individuals and will consider how to make consistent experiences for Pages, but we have nothing to announce at this time”. The fact is that this giant in social media never stated, in so many words, that Timeline would be available for companies.  Nevertheless, it seems self-evident that we shall see some variant of Timeline for business. The question is not if but when it arrives. Just now it does not appear that such an update is close at hand bearing in mind the above statement.

In September 2011, Mashable had certain graphic designers involved in marketing at major companies create brand pages based on the graphic preconditions from Timeline for individuals; you can see some of the results below. A direct transfer of Timeline as it operates at present to Pages would, without doubt, have a great impact in leveraging a company’s profile and presentation on Facebook.

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