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Fall in love with Nanoe™ to create the perfect valentines hair style!

Blog post   •   Feb 10, 2016 08:05 GMT

The dress sets the tone, the lipstick adds a touch of oomph but the final part of your Valentine’s Day look should be a sweet and subtle hairstyle. Keep it simple on date night with a style that lets you - and your hair’s - natural beauty shine through.

We’ll show you two ideas: a bohemian twist that’s part updo, part soft swaying locks, and beautiful loose curls to complement your femininity. Both looks are easy and will keep you looking effortlessly romantic, day or night.


Step 1: Take a one-inch section of hair and place it between your hair straightener’s ceramic plates.

Step 2: Move the straightener down slowly to the ends. Hair stays soft and glossy with the EH-HS95’s moisture-infusing nanoe™ technology.

Step 3: Repeat until all sections of your hair are perfectly straight.

Step 4: Starting on one side, take a bundle of hair from the front of your head, sectioning the hair in half.

Step 5: Twist the two sections into a dual-strand braid. Repeat the same process on the other side of your parting.

Step 6: Twist the left and right dual-strand braids together at the back of your head and pin them in place to complete the look.


Step 1: Lift sections of damp hair and blow-dry from the root with the EH-NA65

Hair Dryer. This gives your hair extra volume, while maintaining its moisture with ion-infusing nanoe™ technology.

Step 2: Pin up the top section of your hair. Starting with bottom sections, curl layers of hair by blow-drying them around a round brush.

Step 3: Seal the curls with the COOL shot button. This will help them keep their shape.

Step 4: Unpin the top section of your hair and create more curls using your round brush.

What should your Valentine’s Day hairstyle say about you? That you’re natural, confident and simply beautiful. The perfect look definitely doesn’t involve hours in front of the mirror, but it should last throughout every special moment of the night. Whether you feel more bohemian or romantic, either of

these simple hairstyles will make you easy to adore this Valentine’s Day.