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Families are Staying Cool in Birmingham

Blog post   •   Jul 02, 2012 20:11 BST

We’re celebrating the first year of our Cool for Kids package at the Rotunda and it has been a great success. We think that our serviced apartments are the perfect place to stay with kids in Birmingham and it seems that a lot of happy families agree with us.

Frankly, up until last year we put little effort into attracting families to our apartments. But parents sussed out that having a living space for everyone to chill out in is bliss and having a fully equipped kitchen can save a fortune. Our boutique hotel style combined with space and flexibility got the big thumbs up. And the thick concrete walls between every apartment are also very forgiving at times of crisis!

Grown ups liked staying in style despite having spawned. Kids loved staying in a giant, shiny tube. And our space-age reception.

In 2011, we finally set about creating our free family package. We asked families what they wanted and, as some of us are parents too, we put in our own tuppenceworth and we came up with Cool for Kids. Its aim is to make Staying Cool even easier with kids. The practicalities are taken care of - families can book free cots and high chairs plus trundle beds. On the fun side, each child gets a gift and if they are under ten they can also enjoy a free dressing up box. Under twelves get pens and crayons too and there's always a sweetie treatie.

We provide as standard fresh milk, juicing oranges, teas, fresh coffee grounds and posho cereals, but we are delighted by a new Cool for Kids addition. Every family will get a free Kelloggs cereal selection pack. This idea came from one of our clever guests. For decades, cereal selection packs have put big smiles on children’s faces and we’re very happy to continue the tradition.

Older kids/teens may be unimpressed by those little cereal boxes, but they will enjoy being right at the centre of Birmingham – it’s the youngest city in Europe and very vibrant. Plus, we try to stay ahead of the curve (and the youth) on technology with free Wi-Fi, Apple Macs and iPod docks in every apartment. In stark contrast, the board games found in every apartment are well used. And that pleases us.

Some family reviews
"We had balcony views overlooking the city. The children loved tearing around the open-plan space." 
Frommers England with Your Family

"We could have easily spent the entire weekend hanging out in our apartment on the top floor of the historic Rotunda." Take the Family