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Fancy Dress For Runners

Blog post   •   Feb 01, 2011 15:47 GMT

With charity races been run all over the country and fund raising going on in different sponsored events we thought it about time we gave you some advice on what to wear ?

Some advice is quite obvious ie if you are running the London marathon or Great North run do not wear a fancy dress item that will cause you to overheat.

Example an Ali g suit , as this to all intense and purposes is a yellow sauna suit, with elasticated cuffs and ankles unless you are a very accomplished runner this is not the costume to complete a twenty six mile race in.

One of the favourites seen on race days are fairy costumes for men as these are light and not too bulky, do make sure you don’t purchase a costume and have it rubbing against your bare skin anywhere as seams will rub you raw.

If you are taking part in a team from work or running club then a theme will always look the best with the likes of Fred and Wilma Costumes an easy one for both sexes.

You can carry a squeaky club around too without too much discomfort as they are very lightweight.

We do sell novelty hats with straws on and drinks holders, these are not to be taken too serious as a re hydration aid as for one carrying a weight on your head will not help your running at all.

If you want to wear this type of hat on the start line this is fine but try and consume the weight from the liquids early on.

Umbrella hats can be useful for sunny races and also on rainy days for protection from the elements.

You will always see the panto horse on a large race, this is only to be worn again by a very good pair of runners or is ok to wear on a shorter fun run.

Usually the more expensive heavy material costumes are suitable for fancy dress evenings but for races the more reasonably priced lightweight costumes will suffice.

We have a weight on all our costumes and so if you want to  find out which ones will weigh you down please ask before buying from us.

So main points are