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Fed up of being bitten by Just Eat!

Blog post   •   Jan 05, 2016 11:35 GMT

A recent in-depth study of over 400 UK takeaways conducted by Red Brick Research has revealed that Takeaway restaurants are “fed up of being bitten by Just Eat”

“While 57% of Those That Part With £101-500 a Month Disagree That the Fees Are Fair, This Jumps to 81% when They Are Spending £1,001-2,000 a Month”

  • Two Thirds of Restaurant Owners Say Transaction Fees Are Unfair
  • 49% Say Just Eat Makes It Harder to Build Direct Relationships With Customers
  • 53% Would Like to Stop Using Just Eat if a Simpler and More Cost Effective Alternative Was Available

Just Eat’s minimum 10% transaction free on orders is costing restaurateurs an average of £725 per month. Loyal and repeat customers who are switching to Just Eat to place their orders is showing significant loss in revenue for over half (52%) of these takeaways.

The report found that 66% of Just Eat customers felt its transaction fees are unfair and 53% are looking to leave if an alternative is provided. These results are useful because they further support our efforts to shake up the Takeaway industry and provide a solution that is fair and rewarding.

49% of takeaway owners say Just Eat makes it harder to build direct relationships with their customers. We are providing a solution to this problem with your very own online ordering system called Eatino™, which enables your customers to order online from your own website, just like they are used to with Just Eat, but only for your own takeaway, cutting out your competitors and the huge fees associated. Eatino™ will help you build and maintain those important relationships with your customers.

Discontent Grows Stronger as takeaways pay more and more commission on Just Eat. While 57% of those that part with £101-500 a month disagree that the fees are fair, this jumps to 81% when they are spending £1,001-2,000 a month. If a simpler and more cost effective alternative was available, 45% of the lower spenders say they would stop using Just Eat, compared to 69% of higher spenders.

The Solution?

Just Eat matches customers with restaurants, which is great for acquiring customers. However, it becomes difficult for Takeaways to create a direct relationship with their regular customers, which is vital in the success of the business. With their very own online ordering system, restaurants and takeaways can gain control over their customer relationships.

Consumers go to Just Eat so that they can order food via the internet or their mobile phone. It’s simply convenience. With your own Takeaway online ordering system, built by Diamont Ltd., your customers will be able to access your full menu, order directly from you and, most importantly, you pay ZERO commission!

Will the help of Eatino™ robot, you receive orders on the FREE GSM printer provided and can accept or reject orders and set delivery time all in realtime.

To learn more about how your Takeaway or Restaurant business can benefit from an online ordering system and take back control of your customers, send us an email to sales@eatino.co.uk or visit our website www.eatino.co.uk