Five Steps To Getting An Affordable New Car

Blog post   •   Feb 15, 2011 09:19 GMT

Buying a new car is one of those processes that you either love or hate. Some people relish the challenge of getting the car that they want at a price that they want to pay, whilst others shy away from the whole process, preferring to buy a car as quickly as possible, irrespective of whether they could get it cheaper or not.

If you're the type of person who does shy away from the process, however, it's likely to be because you aren't entirely sure how you should go about buying a car when you're at a dealership and therefore if this is the case, take a look through the following five steps which will walk you through how to get a new car for an affordable price.

1. Be friendly but firm - when you go to dealership, the salesperson will try and make friends with you whilst also remaining the authoritative party and therefore the best thing you can do to make sure that you don't feel pressured into a sale is to carry out the same process.

There's no need to be rude or abrupt, but make sure that the salesperson knows you won't be forced into a sale.

2. Discuss your budget - the amount of money that you have to spend on a car can seem to some like an awkward point to bring up, as if you're looking at a car that's 10,000 pounds and your budget is 9,500, the salesperson is going to lower the price by 500 pounds and take your 9,500 pounds. Due to this reason, it's always clever to state a figure around a third lower than the true value - if the salesperson can't lower the price anywhere near this, they'll tell you and you can decide what you're going to do from there. If they think they can, however, then they'll kick off the negotiations.

3. Ask about any special offers - whether it's car leasing or car finance packages, ask what offers the dealership currently has available and see if any of them are suitable to you. If you are shopping based on a monthly payment, as opposed to a price for the vehicle, the dealer may offer you one of three car finance alternatives: car leasing, hire purchase or he may advise you to take out a car loan from a bank. If you are comparing car leasing, make sure that you are comparing like with like. There are different types of products and you must ensure that you compare the same contract period, same mileage and same upfront payment.

4. Haggle - no matter how suitable you think the price that's advertised on the car is, you should never agree to pay this amount and you should always haggle.

It's not an easy process if you're naturally a little shy, but take a breath, step outside of your comfort zone and haggle - you could save yourself a fortune if you do.

5. Don't be afraid to walk away - the one thing that people forget when buying a car is that until you put pen to paper, you have no obligation to buy the car and can walk away at any time.

Even if the salesperson is just about to close the deal, if you're really not happy with the price, just walk away - things might be a little frosty if the salesperson is unprofessional, but putting up with it for a few seconds is better than paying out for a car that you don't want.