Franking: miles better for productivity

Blog post   •   Jul 07, 2016 14:30 BST

UK office workers walk more than 5 kilometres to and from the office franking machine every year. But that's nothing compared to the distance covered – and time wasted – by users of stamps.

In a survey of small businesses by Business Info magazine, 45% of respondents claimed to use a franking machine and, of them, 21% said it was more than 10 metres away from their workstation. The majority (63%) take mail to the machine at least once a day. This means that staff could clock up at least 5.2km every year walking to and from their franking machine.

However, this is just a fraction of the distance covered by people who still buy and use postage stamps. A third (34%) of respondents said they still take their mail to the post office and a quarter (25%) of them do so daily. There are over 11,500 Post Office branches in the UK and the Post Office is required by the government to ensure that 90% of the UK population is within one mile of their nearest outlet[1].

Assuming you were one of that 90% and you had to walk 1 mile to the post office every working day, over the course of the year this would amount to 840km. Walking at the average speed of 5km an hour, this would take 168 hours and cost around £1,208.60[2] in lost productivity – even more if you take into account time spent queuing at the Post Office.

A franking machine not only reduces postage costs but cuts time spent processing mail. There's no need for staff to walk to the post office and queue for stamps as franking machines can be re-credited online, saving time and improving productivity.

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Figures, unless otherwise stated, are from the Smarter Communications survey by Business Info magazine.

1.Watson, C. (2015) Post Office Numbers. House of Commons Library Briefing Paper.

2. Based on an hourly rate of the National Living Wage (£7.20)