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Get more out of your workouts with a bit on the side

Blog post   •   May 16, 2012 10:00 BST

One of the key reasons people let exercise slip is that they simply don’t enjoy it anymore. Whilst there is an initial boost and drive to lose weight and improve fitness it’s easy to find yourself less enthusiastic to head out for an hour’s walk when you’ve done it so many times before. Before you reach this point you should try adding in some alternatives to your exercise programme, this will not only keep your exercises interesting but also give other muscles a workout too.

The day after a long walk the perfect exercise is swimming, it’s a fantastic cardio vascular and all over workout but has no impact. It will help the body to recover from the previous days exercise while working a range of muscles to give an all over tone.

Unfortunately the roads are a dangerous place to cycle and would recommend avoiding them for your cycle workout. There are however many alternatives to the road that can be found close to home, local parks or canal and river tow paths give you large and challenging places to cycle. Cycling has less impact than running and gives you the opportunity to cover greater distances in the same time as your walk.

Improved circulation, posture and flexibility are all achievable with Yoga; it also helps to relax your mind and reduce stress from everyday life. You’ll still be working the body hard and toning up the muscles as you take on more challenging poses. Yoga can also help to reduce the risk of injury by creating greater suppleness and strength in the muscles and reducing aches and pains.

Circuit training is an excellent way to burn fat and tone muscle, this all body workout contains short bursts of exercise using the full range of muscles and allows each individual to work to their own level. With the vast variety of exercises available you should never be left trying to find an exercise, circuits also give you the ability to target specific muscles while resting those that have been worked the previous day.

Running is one of the best ways to improve fitness but be careful not to overdo things. When you’re ready to make the transition from walking to running it should be done over a number of weeks. Wherever possible try leaving the treadmill behind and head for the great outdoors, not only will you be able to breathe in some fresh air but see some spectacular views too.

Most of all improving your fitness should be fun, by making small improvements and working on all the muscle groups you not only feel the benefits but will be able to see them too. For more ideas visit www.wildaboutfitness.co.uk