Get Smart with tips on travel shopping

Blog post   •   Nov 14, 2016 12:12 GMT

What any girl love the most shopping, shopping and more shopping and it all gets more interesting when one shops during her travelling session. Now, that is called a Double Dhamka enjoy sightseeing and shop till you drop. Shopping along with travelling is a slight exaggeration, yet it’s the naked truth we all love. So, what to look forward to when we travel abroad, unknown place and want to go shopping? Here are a few practical tips on travel shopping. Although there are guides and local maps about shops yetall these seems to have some saturated quality compared to the online platform. But, hey whether it’s online or offline shopping does require some ground work, so girls are you ready for it? Here we go-

1-Stay away from tourist traps-This is applicable both to offline and online mode of shopping. Do not ever fall for the tourist attraction package as it’s all a trap to extract more money from you. Try to befriend a local and ask him or her to buy for you. Stand in a brick and mortar shop as if you are window shopping, let the local get the best deal for you. Do the same for online method too, ask the hotel staff to buy for you and you stay away from the whole process. Their quick conversation, ease in language and bargaining power offline can save your money to quite an extent.

2-Don’t buy classics- Do remember one thing never buys the same white shirt and denim pants for a higher price online. It isn't just the dour climate that makes you feel excited, but the shopping sites also. So, keep calm and checkout your own nation’s shopping website. You will be surprised to see the same outfit available at a much lesser price. Hence, drop the idea of shopping classic online while you tour abroad.

3-Opt for sale- In the online fraternity there is a sale going on similar to the offline store. Try to pick stuffs only you need. Never buy which you don’t need and try to be practical while buying. Don’t go for impulsive buy. Stay true to your need.

4-Check your tradition- Oh, this might sound bizarre, but never buy something, which you can’t wear in your own country. So, stick to your cultural values and restrain yourself from being too flashy and bold. Remember, you have to get back to your own land where everyone has a clear opinion about your clothes.

5-Check clothes from streets- At times, the offline shopping like buying clothes from streets can help you to buy decent clothes at a good price. So, checkout your own size and stuff when you buy from street fashion, Be savvy and smart.

Nevertheless, these are the practical and smart tips on travel shopping. Just read these tips before you go on a voyage where you feel like shopping. Remember, it’s your own hard earned money which you are spending. So spend carefully and stay happy as you shop only what you need.