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Get your brand and offers in front of students this year!

Blog post   •   Aug 16, 2015 10:48 BST

16 Aug 2015

Oxford has much to be proud of, but having one – if not the – most famous universities in the world is something to cherish.

This year, What’s Ticking Today is presenting an opportunity for the county’s businesses to celebrate Freshers' Week at both Oxford University and Oxford Brooke's University with a series of deals that will open up a profitable new window that can benefit both merchants and students arriving in the city from around the UK and the world.

On Monday 5 October, Freshers' Week begins and What’s Ticking Today will be making a big splash with a stand at Oxford University's Freshers' Fair which runs from Wednesday 7 October to Friday 9 October and is guaranteed to be seen by up to 10,000 students who will pass our stand in the fair’s single-flow system.

From the 18 September, we'll be doing the same at Oxford Brookes' Freshers' Week - another 8,500 new students to get in front of.

We want to have a stunning set of deals and offers lined up to make sure the freshers remember where to come for the best 24-hour deals available in Oxfordshire – it’s a chance too good to miss and we are expecting a huge surge in exclusive deals so we are urging merchants to get their deal in place, ready for the rush.

It’s a great chance to make yourself familiar with students who will be calling Oxford their home for several years, but think outside the box with the offers you dream up and tap into the off-the-cuff nature and immediacy of student life.

We’ll be handing out wristbands, flyers and plenty of enthusiasm at the Freshers' Fair, as well as launching What’s Ticking Wednesday which will give students an additional 10% off every Wednesday (of course!).

We’re aiming to make students’ traditional afternoon off the day they flock to What’s Ticking Today for a treasure trove of fantastic deals to choose from.

But we’re not just stopping there. We’ll be finding ways to all of the Oxfordshire students who study in the county and spread the word that What’s Ticking Wednesday is the first port of call for fantastic, unique and imaginative offers that they can buy and use that very day.

Want in? Start planning today and pencil in the date and the day. Wednesdays are about to get very interesting and, potentially very profitable.

This could be the start of a beautiful relationship with an influx of bright young things, hungry to learn – and eat, drink and enjoy their new surroundings.

Make sure you don’t miss the boat. Contact our friendly team on 0800 247 1159 or by emailing hello@whatsticking.today for inspiration and help. Or, go to merchants.whatsticking.today and prepare your own offers. Remember - there's no risk! It's free to join and to post offers.