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Getting a Kindle for Christmas? Find all your accessories in one place

Blog post   •   Nov 15, 2011 11:35 GMT

When you buy a new gadget you can then spend days trawling through accessories to find the perfect one - why not make life easier and start with an accessories gift pack?

The latest accessories pack available from Mobile Fun is designed for the new Kindle: it's the Amazon Kindle Gift Pack.  Included in this pack is everything you need to keep you Kindle protected and fully functioning: a silicone case, a book-style case, a reading light, a screen protector and an in car charger. 

The silicone cover is a great new Kindle cover, which adds grip to your e-reader and is simple and easy to apply and remove. It covers all of the Kindle's casing but leaves the ports, speakers, buttons and screen uncovered so that your Kindle remains fully functioning at all times.  Great for using around the house, the silicone cover provides soft-touch protection.

Also included in the Kindle Gift Pack is a book-style case.  This cover has more protective qualities than the silicone cover, due to it's rugged build and leather effect covering.  The cover also has internal padding and a microfibre interior, meaning that it cushions your Kindle and helps to absorb any shocks and minor impacts. One of the most stylish and protective Kindle covers available, the Book-style case, looks professional yet stylish and keeps full functionality of your Kindle.

To help you keep reading at all hours, a Kindle light is in the gift pack.  The Omnilight clip-on reading light simply clips on to the top of your Kindle or Kindle cover to allow you to keep reading for longer.  The neck of the light is flexible so you can position it at the perfect angle and avoid straining your eyes.

Next in the Gift Pack is an MFX screen protector.  In a similar way to Invisibleshield accessories, this screen protector gives crystal clear vision on the Kindle display and protects from scratches, dust and dirt.  The great thing about screen protectors is that they can be used with your covers in order to provide full protection to your Kindle.

The final accessory in the gift pack is a car charger.  It simply plugs into the cigarette lighter in your car and the micro USB plugs into your Kindle.  This accessory means you can keep you Kindle fully charged at all times, so you can carry on reading during long journies.

The Kindle Gift Pack really is the ultimate accessory pack for those who are receiving a Kindle for the first time.  It's available at Mobile Fun now costing only £19.95, along with a Blackberry 9900 cover range.