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Governing Laws of Success - The Law of Attraction

Blog post   •   Jul 03, 2016 12:09 BST

Welcome to the Law of Attraction

The law of attraction is a world recognised law that is as unavoidable as gravity. The advantage of the law of attraction though is that if you are smart you can turn the tide to your advantage. Imagine being on a sail boat completely powered by wind and being able to control the direction the wind blows. You would find that wherever you want to go you can use the elements to get you there.

The problem is that most people do the opposite, they simply react to life. They have the best intentions but simply allow the wind to blow in any direction it wants. The conflict comes when a person allows the wind (or life) to take them in any direction but fights against it to take them where they want to go.

So here are the choices - we can control the direction of the wind to take us more easily to the locations we want to go or we can not control the direction of the wind and use much more energy and fight and ultimately fail to get to the same place.

Who or what is the wind?

The question is what is the wind that is either for us or against us? In this context of the law of attraction it is our associates, friends and family. The people who influence the direction of our lives are the wind. So ask yourself... do your friends or family encourage your goals or discourage them.

Simply put we all have wishes and dreams, but when we break them down all a wish or dream is, is a goal not on paper. When we talk about our dreams (the destination of the sail boat) do we get the wind behind us (people who encourage us) or wind against us (people who tell us that it is not possible) - these people reflect their own limitations on us. Someones opinion of you does not have to become your reality in life.

When you consider that our greatest friend and enemy is our own mind and that our minds without training can be influenced by the people around us, now we see how the law of attraction can build us or destroy us.

We generally see this pattern in classes of people. People who are used to high class living have children who do the same, because that is the standard of those around them. Parents who are actors many times produce children who follow the same standards in some form of show business - this is the standard of those around them.

Where we fail in society and disengage from the LOA

In society, especially in education and schools we fail miserably at the law of attraction. Remember that the people around us are who we become? Well in school systems we make the mistake of placing students who are failing terribly with other students who fail just as much and expect them to get better! We place trouble makers together and expect their behavious to improve and for them to become model citizens!

This is like putting a group of people together with the same weakness (perhaps alcohol or drugs) in a room together and expecting them to cure themselves, or is it more likely that they will talk themselves into continuing?

Controlling the wind

The wind can be controlled by controlling the people around us. A famous person once said "Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how i react." Even though we can control the wind, we still cannot control the things that happen on the journey.

Get people around you who can encourage you to achieve the things you work hard to make into realities. These people, when hard times come along and storms are set on the horizon will give you the wind behind your sails you need to get you to your destination when everyone outside your circle cannot give you any logical reason to keep going.

When they need you to do the same you will also do it for them. The law of attraction states you need to surround yourself with people who you want to be and this will encourage you to grow into that kind of person and progress toward whatever goal or dream you seek.

The Inspirational Speaker, Simon D Campbell can help you personally in your life, your business or relationships to implement this and many other governing laws of success into bespoke sessions or events to create a unique environment tailored for each client to guide them to creating behaviours that will ensure success.

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