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Governing Laws of Success - The Law of Reward and Return

Blog post   •   Jul 02, 2016 10:11 BST

The Law of Return - An Introduction

Life is about reaping and returning whether we like it or not. When we are harvesting now from life is a direct result of the actions we took yesterday, last week, last month, six months ago or even last year. If we are smart in our approach though, rather than get into a pattern of negative rewards, we can build in daily success rituals that allow us to get ahead and build momentum day after day.

The law of return and rituals is two connected laws that live in each other’s pockets but observing one and not the other will ultimately result in failure. Failure though can still be good because each time we fail we either learn, grow and want to succeed more than before or fall by the wayside and refuse to get up onto our feet again.

The Law of Return - Understanding regret and reward

The law of return is as simple or complicated as you want to make it. It states that whatever you are experiencing in your life now whether positive or negative is as a direct result of action or inaction you have taken in the past. We have several laws of return seeking to impact us every day and whether these are positive or negative depends on our rituals or habits.

The law of rituals is something we all practice whether consciously or unconsciously. It is the default practices that we have every day which brings us the same results day on day, year on year.

Logic therefore dictates that the solution to changing what we reap in life is simple, change your rituals, change the default things you choose to do every day, because to have the things you have never had you must be willing to do the things you have never done - then we get different results.

Success Rituals

As we start to build our rituals to achieve success in daily battles we see a different effect psychologically, physically, emotionally and mentally. A fantastic example of this is our physical bodies, we speak to hundreds of people a year who want to look better - perhaps lose weight or build muscle the problem is their current rituals - for example we hear many times they:

  • Wake up and lounge in bed hitting the snooze button a few times
  • Rush to work with no time to eat a healthy breakfast or prepare lunch
  • Get to work just on time increasing their stress levels at the beginning of the day
  • Order a breakfast sandwich high in carbs and fat when they get to work
  • Eat fast food for lunch with no nutrition
  • Pick up a takeaway on the way home because they are too tired to cook

The effect of this is that the thought of a better body and what actually is happening to us are two completely different things. On top of this ritual are the additional effects we might not even realise such as:

  • The body holding onto fat because we are not eating breakfast
  • Bad nutrition throughout the whole day means less physical and mental energy because we are eating dead food and expecting it to keep us living.
  • Higher stress levels because rushing means no time for planning just time to react to situations rather than influence them - effecting the mood and heart
  • Excessive fast food meaning our immune system is not being built up by the valuable vitamins and minerals we need daily causing more illness and general not feeling well every day.

To change the above ritual will change our body and mind and in turn, regularly help us reap positive benefits from our actions and eventually the rituals become our new standard and this standard will deliver the results we want and generally more results on top we never planned for.

The Neuroscience behind the LOR+R

When we have rituals or successful habits in place it also trains the mind to seek opportunities. We have something called the reticular activating system or RAS for short. Because the brain notices everything happening it has to filter out none important things or we go crazy! But we can by our rituals and mind-set tell it what to concentrate on anything whether opportunities, people, finances or relationships for example.

The problem is that we tend to only do this by accident. An example of this is when we buy a new car. Before we bought it we never noticed this type of car but do you notice what happens when you drive it home for the first time? You notice it everywhere in the same colour! This is because you have programmed the RAS that this is now an important part of your life which is now integrated into your brain which has now created new connections to recognise it.

So imagine, your rituals train your brain into seeking the important things in your life. If you seek better results by your rituals every day and visualise the exact results you want and find several reasons you want them, the brain believes your vision is real and will start integrating this important information into the RAS meaning that every person, situation or environment that can help you reach your goal will be flagged up ready for you to act on!

The Ten Rules of this Law

I find the law of return and reaping amazing because whether we believe it or not we all do it. So what success rituals can we follow that will help us to engage our RAS and move directly with great motivation toward our goals?

First take a piece of paper and write down exactly what you want. Your goal needs to be specific, what does it taste like? Smell like? Look like? What colour is it? Get a picture so real in your mind's eye that you can almost touch it with the hand of your mind - do this every morning when you wake up and before you go to sleep at night - this makes it real to the RAS.

Second on the other side of the paper write down exactly what achieving it will accomplish for you. Is it for your family - if so who exactly and why? The more reasons you come up with, with great detail attached the more your sub-conscious mind will begin working on ways to get you there. So program yourself to become an opportunity seeking engine. Why pull yourself toward your goals when your reasons for wanting them can attract you too them like a magnet?

Third see yourself having accomplished the goal and how it feels. See yourself having completed the success and the warmth you feel as it has been done and you are ready for the next dream converted into the goal. See yourself standing in front of a large audience and relating your experience to inspire others, telling them the huge setbacks you experienced and what kept you going.

Fourth find a role model. We all need them, someone with similar circumstances that fought through unbelievable odds to accomplish incredible things. Listen to their audio book in the car and read their book at home rather than watch negative programs on television.

Fifth get your university on wheels going. If you want to grow your body you have to change your diet whether you like it or not and the body is the same. Feed your mind with industry leading experts who have achieved similar goals to the one you have. Do this every day. Even the best coaches in the world do the same because we all can learn from someone, the day we stop learning is the day we start dying.

Sixth read my blog on the law of attraction and start finding like-minded people who will push you toward your goals and who you benefit with your experiences and commitment. Make a difference.

Seventh find a way to give to others and the community whenever you can. Signature Success Life & Success Coaching is quiet in January 2015 so we are giving back by coaching young people who are offenders with local councils to help them get the high quality success and guidance they may never receive for free. Always find a way to help people even if you don't get paid for it. The law of return says you could gain a client or word of mouth or at worst you have changed someone else’s life - and is there any greater reward than that?

Eighth expect failures, and plan your behaviour when you do. When you fail realise it, accept it, learn from it, have a quiet cry and move on. They say if you want to increase your chances of success than double your failure rate. If you are not willing to fail you will never know what you are truly capable of because you will always play it safe.

Ninth - go for it. Stop thinking and start doing. We all have incredible potential to succeed which is not always financial, it can be relationships, career or family.

Tenth - The last piece of advice is this, don't feel that a dream is called a dream because we can’t achieve it. A dream is just a goal not on paper. So break your dream into goals, and your goals into manageable chunks of daily success and start succeeding in it today - believe in yourself.

Simon D Campbell

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