Royal Navy


Blog post   •   Oct 05, 2010 14:37 BST

Well, we have now been in Afghanistan for well over half of our operational deployment this year, it seems to have gone rather fast for me but I suspect that is because it is still my first tour of Afghanistan, maybe after a few more detachments the days will start to drag and the deployments will seem to last for a lifetime. I can’t imagine what the wait is like for our loved ones back home, even though we are provided with 40 minutes free call time each week it sometimes doesn’t seem long enough, especially for those with very young children or those who are expecting.

With that in mind, congratulations are in order for CPO Turner who became a granddad earlier in the month; there was no end of ribbing for ‘Topsy’ on becoming ‘An old man!’ We all send our wishes to the new parents!

With only a month to go thoughts are now turning to what we are all going to do when we finally get back to Britain, for most it means taking leave for Christmas, for some of us however it also means preparing for a trip to London to collect our operational medals from a member of the Royal household, were not sure which one yet but we are all looking forward to the chance to show off in London in full rig, we may even be asked to stop for a few photographs! You never know.

That, however is still a wait away, can’t let our minds slip for one moment whilst working out here that’s how mistakes happen and we wouldn’t want to tarnish the ‘Junglies’ record for performing  well above expectations in all conditions! So back to work!