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Has the Dawning of the Digital Age Been a Force for Good or Bad? [Poll]

Blog post   •   May 29, 2012 09:37 BST

Has the dawning of the digital age been a force for good or bad?

Good – Technological advances of the past 30 years have improved our lives and the way in which we engage with others.

Good – Information is now freely available for exchange and consumption, bringing new opportunities to those who would never have had them before.

The digital age has had many positive effects on people's lives, but with them come increased opportunities for technology to be abused.

Bad – The proliferation of technology and gadgets has made people apathetic. Whatever happened to good old-fashioned conversation?

Bad – Personal freedom is now dictated by the technology we use. Everything is geared to finding out more about us. Privacy is a thing of the past.

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