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Help required for supply chain & retail RFID & carbon emissions reduction project

Blog post   •   Feb 22, 2011 12:37 GMT

Juniper Innovations are supporting ISRetail on a project with The Supply Chain Carbon Council, Avery Dennison, NXP and Nordic ID amongst others and request help from manufacturers and retailers.

To help carbon emission innovation, ISRetail, a leading supply chain software, warehouse management and RFID system solution and data management provider is working on a carbon emissions reduction project with the European Supply Chain Institute (ESCI) ‘Supply Chain Carbon Council’.

The projects aims to:

  1. Promote the application of RFID to the problem of tracking Carbon Emissions through the supply chain at product level
  2. Address how, with an NFC Device, to make this information available to the consumer in order that they can make sustainable purchasing decisions.

With project partners now on board, ISRetail is looking for help from retail product manufacturers and retailers to participate in the project.

John Connors from the Supply Chain Carbon Council comments "in the relatively near future you or I should be able to go to our local store and scan the RFID Carbon Label on the product with an NFC Device to get its environmental impact data and use this information to see whether it is environmentally friendly or not. In the end it will be the consumer who is the final decision maker as to whether the product is green or not.

When the consumer scans the product the NFC reader will communicate with the master data over the mobile network and receive an sms giving the information requested. This type of value added application for NFC will really bring the technology away from the traditional focuses on payment and ticketing."

John Connors continues "we know that technically this application has no major barriers. Equally all retailers and manufacturers will also see the positives in terms of their Green product Labelling and NFC based loyalty schemes."

Any retail product manufacturer or retailer interested in participating in the project can contact Richard Knight by filling in the contact form on the Juniper Innovations website here

About ISRetail

Richard Knight, Managing Director of ISRetail UK comments "ISRetail ( is one of the leading vendors of warehouse management system and supply chain management and tracking software. It provides web based solutions for professional use enabling customers to improve their inventory management, customer service, communication and supply chain control." ISRetail has over 10 years experience in software development, database management, data capture device integration, interface development and supply chain consultancy.  ISRetail’s products and services include logistics productivity improvement consultancy, process improvement services, WPMS warehouse, RFID and supply chain control software all provided as both client-server and Software As A Service (SaaS) solutions.

Their customers include Staples, Jerónimo Martins, Pingo Doce and Frissul.  Their head office is in Lisbon, Portugal and they have a UK office working with Juniper Innovations in Wiltshire, England (

Editors Note

The European Supply Chain Institute, ESCI, is a member body that researches areas that have a direct and positive impact on supply chain operations. The Supply Chain Carbon Council is administered by the Institute. The Membership of the Institute is predominantly at Senior Management level and represents cross-industry disciplines.