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Help to cut your business utility consumption

Blog post   •   May 24, 2016 14:40 BST

Energy management solutions from Utilitywise

Utilitywise provide a complete energy management solution that includes:

  • Flexible energy procurement with the benefit of a fixed budget rate.
  • Energy experts working at the heart of the industry to purchase your energy directly from the wholesale market.
  • Energy management solutions and tools to help you reduce your energy consumption.
  • No volume tolerance penalties – you won’t be penalised for reducing your energy consumption.

Reduce your power and gas consumption with Utilitywise

When you become a client, you’ll be given several Utilitywise energy management tools to help you cut your power and gas consumption. The cost of these tools is bundled into your energy price, so you won’t face any up-front fees.

Providing you with all the energy information you need:

  • Utility Insight, our web-based energy and water reporting platform, takes the data collected by your AMR, smart meters, and Edd:e and transforms it into simple and visual reports. It helps you identify energy wastage that is costing you money – and helps you find ways to eliminate it.
  • The Energy Health Check is a way to benchmark the energy efficiency of your business against others in your industry. It gives you an accurate understanding of how much energy you’re using and what kind of cuts are realistic for your business.
  • Energy Awareness Training helps your employees understand the part they play in your business energy costs and how they can take responsibility for making improvements to the way energy is used.
  • Standard Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) installation will be offered without an AMR meter. It allows the transmission of consumption data to your supplier and allows more accurate billing.
  • The Water Bill Audit is a detailed analysis of your water and sewage bills to ensure you are being charged correctly and that the applied tariff is appropriate to your needs. You could even get some money back from your water supplier.
  • The Energy Audit is a one-day, in-depth audit at your business premises. Using Energy Audit software, your Energy Assessor will provide you with a clear, project-by-project breakdown of what you need to do to save energy and lower your carbon footprint.
  • Edd:e, our patented, circuit-level power monitoring tool, records your power consumption data in five-minute intervals, allowing you to see which circuits are consuming the most energy. It helps you to identify any unusual, unexpected, or above-average levels of consumption.
  • Virtual Energy Manager includes bespoke reports on your energy consumption which are written every quarter by our Energy Managers. By analysing the previous three months consumption, they can identify where energy and cost-saving opportunities can be found.

The suite of products you receive is dependent upon the size and complexity of your energy account.

Energy management isn’t just for big business

As energy prices continue to rise, active energy management is becoming a business essential. At Utilitywise, we understand that every business has unique energy requirements and that every business is affected by energy price increases in different ways.

We believe that energy management is vital for all businesses, no matter their size.