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Holiday Heaven! 5 great travel gadgets

Blog post   •   Jul 13, 2016 14:00 BST

Aside from a bikini, beach towel and best singing voice for the evening’s karaoke entertainment, a few essential gadgets are a must on your summer holidays. Here are five great gadgets that we think make for great travel companions…


Being organised and packing compactly can be key to a smooth journey so it’s worth investing in a stylish suitcase. Look online and you’ll find a range of attractive suitcases with lockable and protected zippers and TSA combination locks for secure travel. You can also find designs that feature USB chargers built into the frame and GPS location tracking that link to your smartphone so you can locate your bags throughout your journey. Savvy.


A clever camera will be enjoyable to use and capture photos that you can treasure for years to come. Look for those with easy to navigate touchscreens that offer simple-to-use professional-style features. At 64.5mm high and 110.5mm wide, Panasonic’s LUMIX DMC-TZ100EB digital camera, for example, is a great pocket-sized option. It features a LEICA zoom lens and its portable design gives you high-quality pictures even in low-level light conditions. It’s great for capturing outdoor beach sunsets and indoor group photos alike.


When you run out of juice on the go, trying to access a plug socket is not always easy. A solar charger is a great gadget to pop into your bag to give cameras, smartphones or ereaders a boost when they’re looking a little low on energy. As well as being able to charge via solar panel, many designs can be charged via USB too for added convenience.


When you’re travelling alone, there’s nothing more enjoyable than listening to the music you love in peace. So get yourself a decent set of headphones to shut out surrounding noise and listen to your tunes with clarity. Panasonic’s RP-BTD5E digital wireless stereo over-ear headphones are a great option. Not only do they look super attractive, but their fold-flat design and wireless Bluetooth connectivity make for convenient use, and they provide a dynamic, distortion-free sound quality that will make you feel like you’re front row at a favourite concert.


When you reach your destination and want to enjoy your music in your hotel room, it’s a great idea to have a portable speaker to hand. Look for compact, chargeable designs with a low-power consumption that can link up to your smartphone or mp3 player wirelessly. Try Panasonic’s SC-NA10EB- A portable wireless speaker system, which gives you powerful and clear sound in a sophisticated design that folds sleekly away. It’s time to get the holiday party started!