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House insurance when the home owner dies

Blog post   •   Jul 23, 2017 22:40 BST

Where to start?

The death of a loved one can be a very traumatic time that leaves a lot to be sorted out, putting aside having to deal with the emotion of the situation. Understandably, home insurance for the deceased person’s property will often be the last thing on your mind. However, failing to consider this could have some serious implications, with future insurance claims potentially being turned down if the insurer has not been made aware of the situation at the property.

Naturally, there will be vital emotional and practical steps that will need to be taken as a priority. Informing family and friends of the death, notifying the relevant authorities and organising a funeral to name just a few.

However, obligations relating to a house should not be ignored and these are the general steps that should be followed to protect the future of a property if the person that has passed away was living there alone:

  • Contact the current home insurance provider at the earliest opportunity. They will need to know if the property will now be occupied and whether any contents have been left there.
  • Some insurers may allow the policy to continue with the policy transferred to the “Executors of” the person that has passed away. It is possible that this will only be able to continue until the next renewal date of the policy.
  • It is advisable to remove any high valuable items from the property even if general contents will remain, as thieves can frequently target unoccupied properties.
  • If the property’s current insurers are unable to continue the cover, or you reach the policy renewal date before probate has been settled, then you will need to look for cover with a specialist provider. Don’t panic though as most companies will give a period of notice before the cancellation to allow you to source alternative cover.

If you require any more help or advice on insurance for a property belonging to someone who has passed away, don’t hesitate to contact the CoverBuilder team , by phone, email or via our online chat facility.