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How To Get The Maximum Benefit From Your Marina Berths

Blog post   •   Oct 19, 2016 12:29 BST

If you have recently acquired an expensive boat then you need to start looking for secure storage facilities for it. If you are someone who doesn’t sail frequently then you should opt for berthing options were you can keep your vessel on a permanent basis. In most marinas, you will find such berthing facilities that will offer maintenance services and security to your vessel as long as you wish. But such mooring services are normally restricted to a year and after the completion of a year, you will have to renew your contract if you want to extend your mooring rights.

The State Rules

There are also residential moorings available with these people but for that, you will have to comply with the various rules and regulations prevailing in your state. So before choosing something like this it is best if you visit the website of the regulatory bodies or talk to the team of professionals of your marina. The experts who are associated with such marinas will be able to explain all the rules that you may need to follow if you opt for residential mooring. But no matter which type of berthing facilities you choose you can be assured that there are various packages that will provide you with numerous benefits at a really low cost.

Now The Costs

In most annual packages you will get plenty of free visitor nights which will be highly beneficial for any boat owner. Both the marinas as well as the boat clubs keep offering various rewards to their members in order to make their experience more pleasant. So if you are opting for these private marinas instead of the other alternatives then you will surely benefit from the low narrowboat mooring fees and the occasional discounts and rewards.

The Other Aspects

Being a member of a reputable marina that is located at a popular boating area means you will definitely get to interact with numerous other boaters. This way you will not only get a professional mooring service but will also be able to enjoy the company of other like-minded people. What makes these marinas more useful than the other mooring options is the fact that most companies own multiple marinas all over the country. So if you are a member in one of these marinas you can utilize the berthing facilities at all the other marina berths that are owned by the company.

Some More Facilities

All the benefits of your packages will also be applicable irrespective of the location of the marina. So if you are supposed to get free visitor nights then you can get them even when you are mooring at another marina that is owned by the same company. This provides you with a high level of flexibility as now during your trips you will not have to think about mooring your boat every time you want to take a break from sailing. Even though the company will allow you to stay as long as you wish, there may be issues with availability of berths. So if you are about to reach your destination it is highly recommended that you inform the destination marina in advance.