How To Know If Technical Debt Is Affecting Your Business Negatively

Blog post   •   Aug 08, 2017 11:30 BST

Technical debt can be stated as a resource intensive endeavor. It requires consensus from multiple key decision makers. Some of those are finance, technical sales operations and products. They must be onboard while the changes and fixation of technical debt is taking place. Reaching consensus about any plan among the stakeholders about any plan for addressing technical debt must be required to proof certain points. At first, the existence of issues needs to be proved. After that, it is important to determine severity and articulate proper benefits associated with addressing the problems. After keeping these points in mind, there are certain non-technical executives, who might be able to recognize when technical debt can be undermining a success rate of a company.

Points to focus at:
When will you know if your company is undermined by technical debt? For that, proper and simple steps and points can always clarify the points. Keep your eyes wide open for the issues and try to work on it first. Simple enhancements are likely to take longer for one code area than others. Bugs, which are surface after release to production means your company is quite affected by the technical debt issues. Sometimes, these bugs might turn into those areas, which are even unrelated to the present changes. That means you are in big trouble!

Other areas to deal with:
Well, the engineering team is likely to extend the schedule for some features, associated with the code base. It means something is wrong and taking more time than it should be. It means your company is negatively affected by technical debt and needs to be taken care right on time. Moreover, if your system tends to crashes during periods of some higher volume traffic, it means your company is high in trouble with technical debt by its side. Engineers are basically reluctant to work on some of the specified code areas for help. This is another symptom to work on.

Ways to frame question over timeframe:
It is quite critical for you to frame the evacuation in proper time. In case, you ever fix half of engineering team to start fixing technical debt for next quarter, then it is quite clear that at the end of quarter, the team will be able to deliver half of customer-centric features, when compared to fully staffed team. in case, the company is taking 2 year of horizon for evaluating ROI for fixing technical debt, then the ROI is said to become favorable not just for costs, but for benefits of fixed technical debt. Some examples are improved quality, accelerated velocity and even more such features.

Join hand with experts:
Whenever you are trying to fix technical debt, it is mandatory to contact experts for help. They know exactly what you want and would like to offer you with help on the same feature. Just be sure to check out the best engineering team for help, as you don’t want to miss out on opportunity to check on working values of ROI for fixing the current technical debt well. For details, you can visit here too.