How to Know Whether Digital Colour Printing is Right for You

Blog post   •   Oct 03, 2016 11:27 BST

Whether you’re an individual or a business in need of mass colour printing, there are a few basic things that you’re looking for to ensure that your print job is done properly. These days, you have two main choices when it comes to meeting your printing needs: traditional offset printing or the new digital colour printing techniques. As more and more people gravitate toward the new digital option, you might find yourself wondering whether that type of printing can work for your needs. Here are some critical things to consider when making that determination.
Do You Need a Rapid Turnaround?
If you need to get your print job done promptly, digital colour printing has the clear edge. Offset printing relies on computer-to-plate technology that transfer images to paper. That system requires the creation of plates to transfer the color used in any image. That takes time, and results in a longer startup time for the offset printing method. In contrast, digital printing needs no plates and offer a much quicker turnaround for projects.
Is Proofing a Concern?
With offset printing, mistakes that are noticed after a print run can be costly, since plates will need to be adjusted and the job repeated from scratch. Digital printing offers the opportunity to print one prototype copy of the print job, which can then be checked for errors before other prints are run. If changes need to be made, the process is quick and inexpensive.

Are You Trying to Save Money?
As you might expect, that reduction in setup time results in reduced prices for many small to medium-sized print runs. Larger print jobs are another matter, though, since offset printing tends to result in less expensive prints for large runs.

Does Your Job Contain Variable Data?
For mailers and other marketing pieces, personalisation is often a major concern. To accomplish that, many companies rely on something known as Variable Data Printing – or VDP. That type of printing includes variable data within the job that can range from different images to personalized greetings using different people’s names, addresses, and other personal information. Obviously, this is something that is generally beyond the limits of many offset printing options. Digital printing, however, can handle these needs with ease.

When Shouldn’t You Use Digital Printing?
Obviously, digital isn’t always the best option. Larger jobs, tasks that require specialized media types, and extremely large printing sheets are often best managed using offset printing. For most modern print jobs, however, the new digital colour printing is an option that you should seriously consider.

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