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How to make laundry day a breeze with our time-saving tips

Blog post   •   May 25, 2016 14:00 BST

After a long week of work and play, there’s nothing more frustrating than a backlog of laundry spilling out of linen baskets and demanding attention. But with a few simple tricks you can put an organised system in place that will keep your washing tasks low and your ‘me-time’ high, no matter how hectic your household…

Create space and hone your capsule style

If you constantly find yourself with mountains of washing to do, the problem may be in the amount of clothes you own and how they are stored – clean clothes squeezed into full drawers can look dishevelled and in need of washing again before you’ve even worn them, for example. Likewise, too many towels and bed linen sets to wash can leave you feeling overwhelmed. Take a tip from Marie Kondo, author of best-selling book The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying, who suggests going through your belongings one by one and only keeping those that ‘spark joy’. This in turn will make wash day a whole lot simpler.

Ensure everything has its place

Having just one dirty laundry basket to serve the whole household often isn’t enough, resulting in a mountain of clothes spilling out of the basket and leaving bedrooms with unsightly ‘floordrobes’. So invest in attractive wash baskets of all shapes and sizes that can be neatly stored in the corners of each bedroom, in the bathroom and under the hallway stairs - the latter of which is particularly useful when the kids arrive home from the park covered in mud!

Make sorting simple

Buy linen baskets with separate compartments for coloured and white clothes, and invest in smaller baskets to separate wool, dry-clean-only and hand-wash items and laundry bags storing lingerie and socks. The key to all this however, is to make sure everyone in the house knows your system and what goes where.

Care for your garments

Domestic goddess Martha Stewart suggests creating a well-equipped laundry room/area that has everything within easy reach. Include a minor sewing repair kit, stain-removal, a glass container with decanted detergent (so you can see when you’re running low), and a pot for loose change, popped buttons and whatever else you find in pockets.

Invest in a stylish and smart washing machine

Not only will it save you time and effort, but a reliable washing machine with tailored settings to suit an array of clothes including jeans, woolens and delicates, will do the hard work for you. A design such as Panasonic’s NA-140ZS1WGB washing machine, for example, features the AutoCare washing programme that will analyse each wash load and tailor the perfect wash setting for the cycle – all at the touch of a button. With an energy efficient rating of A+++ and 3D HydroActive+ technology, you’ll save energy and water on every wash too, with quick yet impressive results. And with the extra money saved you can always treat yourself to a stylish new outfit to revamp your look this season.

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