What's Ticking Today

How to rock around the Clockits

Blog post   •   Aug 19, 2015 15:14 BST

05 Aug 2015

Simply joining up with What’s Ticking Today earns you 1 o’Clockit – that’s one earned in a matter of minutes. And by letting our team know about a local event that we don’t already know about will double your tally in the blink of an eye. If there’s a local fete, sports tournament, visit or whatever, let us know and we can help promote the event and encourage merchants to intertwine offers around it.

Then you could share the link with three friends, get them to sign up and get another Clockit for each one – that’s already five without the need to leave your keyboard. And, if your buddies make a purchase – let’s say two do – yep, that’s two more Clockits for you.

Getting the hang of it? Told you it was easy!

Of course, by now you will have spotted a good deal for yourself – maybe a fantastic meal offer with a bottle of wine for a too-good-to refuse price the next day. You go along, have a great time and 24-hours later you’ll be asked to give your feedback on your experience – and – you’re probably ahead of us by now – you’ll get another Clockit for your trouble. It's your choice to give feedback, but it's very simple to do and takes less than a minute.

But we’re far from finished – if things have gone according to plan (we’re using a fast-track 48-hours or so in this case) – you’ll now be on 8 o’Clockits.

As you scan the latest offers for that day, you remember it is your best mate’s birthday and have forgotten to get him a gift. You see a great offer which he'd love and could use later that day. So you purchase the offer as a gift – and you earn you another 3 o’Clockits.

And – because we can – you’ve registered your annual special day and it just happens to be today, meaning you’ll get another 2 o’Clockits just because we’re nice guys. Hey presto! You've reached 13 o’Clockits. So by reaching 12 o’Clockits you’ve earned yourself a 6% saving off a future purchase and that will save you cold, hard cash. And you’ve got 1 o’Clockit saved over to start on your journey to your next 12 o’Clockits.

If you’ve seen a hotel stay for the night at the weekend, plus a meal and show all for, say, £150, you’ll save £9 (not to mention the terrific deal the merchant has offered in the first place) for just cashing in the clockits you’ve earned along the way.

So you’ve done all that inside a few days – OK, we’ve speeded things up a bit but it’s all entirely possible. And if you’ve been counting, you’ll have worked out that you had one Clockit over so you’re already just 11 o’Clockits away from your next saving and then your next and so on. Well, that’s the ‘how to’ guide – hope it helps!