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Identifying General Insurance Talent

Blog post   •   May 31, 2012 11:16 BST

Talent is in demand in the competitive general insurance sector. Here are some of the steps businesses should take when they are hiring:

Invest in professional selection practices

From the first moment a candidate reads your job advert or speaks to your recruitment partner, they are building up a picture of your organisation. It is important to create a professional selection process that impacts your success in acquiring future talent.

Going through the selection process, candidates need to feel that they have been challenged and their strengths have been correctly identified. This is especially important for the candidate that is chosen for the role. Getting this process right can help new employees feel secure that they have the necessary core skills for the role and that you’ve chosen them for the right reasons.

Support your employee’s career

‘Retention’ is the new buzzword in recruitment for a very good reason – there is a talent-fight taking place within general insurance and understanding how to keep hold of your employees is just as important as successfully hiring them in the first place.

Those who are happiest in their careers feel valued and feel that their personal ambitions are prioritised. To show that you understand this, it is important to lay out a comprehensive plan for each employee’s future within the business.

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