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Identity Orchestration reduces you license cost for unused apps

Blog post   •   May 05, 2014 15:09 BST

In a rececent report analyst firm SoftWatch claims that large portion of licensed MS Office users never used the application to the full extent leaving enterprise with paying for licenses newer used. I have not studied the report in detailed and surely there are discussion points on the conclusion to make but I believe that in general enterprises are over-licensed when it comes to which extent a user is using the application. 

This is why neXus introduced provisioning on demand as an integrated process when a user actually uses a system as part of the neXus Hybrid Access Gateway product- we call it Identity Orchestration. There are a number of benefits by using Identity Orchestration including usability and end user satisfaction through Single Sign-On and instant access, and Identity Orchestration can also help you take control over your license costs as you will only pay for users that are using the application. In addition you raise security as you now that only authenticated and authorized users can use the application. 

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Per Hägerö