Ethical IT Recycling

Importance of Recycling the IT Products

Blog post   •   Aug 27, 2015 05:58 BST

With the technology improving at a good pace, you will be able to discover so many reasons to upgrade your old notebook computer towards newest and latest design. Since many of us upgrade our technological equipment, we are just left with old and outdated laptops. These laptops are generally recycled. The fact is, recycling laptops has some superb rewards.

Laptop recycling is an important activity if we want to preserve our world for foreseeable future. Otherwise, items will only be found at landfill internet site rather they could have been recycled easily. It is possible that you think that offloading your unwanted notebook with a landfill is just not going to cause so much damage, however when everybody has got that attitude, the deterioration is just amplified considerably.

Laptops can be very harmful device if not disposed of rightly. Besides, amount of resources which it takes to build laptops may lead to harsh environmental implications if disposed of on any landfill site. Laptops contain so many toxic substances, heavy metals and chemicals. These substances gets leak into ground water and soil. The bad side effect of this is that it kills small animals as well as pollutes the water supplies. Heavy metals can actually take years to break down completely.

With the fast growth in the technology nowadays, people are looking for ways to replace their laptops after every 2 years. Notebooks and laptops are given away as part of new mobile phone contract so that people would even receive new laptop every year.

Why should we be thinking about environmental effect which these are actually having? One of the ever growing problems is E-waste. In UK, it is surveyed and estimated that there are nearly 1.2 million tones of electronic waste generated every year. This is sufficient waste to fill 6 stadiums of football. In fact, this is increasing at the rate of around 5% every year. The average person in this lifetime will produce almost 3.3 tones of the e-waste. With the quantity of the electronic items people now own as well as the rate at which all these electronic items are being replaced, this problem is just going to grow with the passing time.

However, the good part is that you will find websites which are happy to take your old laptop from your hands so that it is just disposed or refurbished properly. In fact, they even pay you for this privilege. When your laptop is no more in a condition to work then also, you can expect them to give you money.

IT Recycling Company has websites which can provide you quote in minutes. They even give free courier services and remove all the personal data. You can get money for the other gadgets like iPods, mobile phones etc. If you want to know about IT recycling company, then go through our range of articles.