Is poor address hygiene costing you money?

Blog post   •   Aug 30, 2013 15:11 BST

Advanced mailing software

Neopost’s advanced address accuracy software ensures your customer database and mailing files match the most recent Royal Mail Postcode Address File (PAF®)*. This cuts costs by reducing returned mail and saves money as it allows you to take advantage of Royal Mail discounts for volume mailings. 

Minimise post waste – maximise post budget

Address hygiene software helps to prepare accurately addressed mailings faster and more easily.

Improve mail preparation 

Address accuracy software automates and simplifies the preparation and sorting of mailings.  The use of wizards and templates makes sorting mail easy for everyone. Software easily standardises address formats to comply with Royal Mail requirements. The software appends/amends any missing postal data ensuring your mail is delivered to the correct address. 

Make postage savings 

Achieve additional discounts of up to 23.5 % of Franked prices. The software sorts and formats addresses so you can qualify for Royal Mail Business Mail discounts for bulk mailings.  Read more about our address hygiene software - Bulk Mailer now with FREE DATA HEALTH CHECK Reduce the amount of undeliverable mail to save you money on wasted postage and materials.

Improve results

Better deliverability improves the results of direct mail campaignsEnsure that important invoices or shipments delivered correctly *The Postcode Address File (PAF®) is the most up-to-date and complete address database in the UK, containing over 28 million addresses. PAF® is an invaluable tool for creating and maintaining mailing lists and databases, as well as reducing the number of returned or undelivered items. Source: Royal Mail Webiste