Is your business safe from threats to the mailroom?

Blog post   •   Jun 20, 2014 16:30 BST

No matter what the size of your business, an inability to adequately invest in your mailroom can affect everything from the efficiency to the cost-effectiveness of your operations. But with many companies now facing continued security threats through both internal and external mail items, a failure to invest could be putting your staff and businesses at risk.

With ecommerce growth ensuring the UK’s mailrooms are busier than ever before, many businesses are facing a deluge of incoming mail from a variety of sources. Understanding exactly what it is that’s been sent from these sources however, isn’t often as simple as taking mail items on face value.

From disgruntled former employees and customers, to wider issues such as terrorist threats, inbound mail can unfortunately prove an effective outlet to damage a business. Here, we’ll help you understand the threat and the measures you can put in place to safeguard your operations.

Is my business really at risk from threats in the mailroom?

While much will depend on the size and scope of your business, it’s not just multi-million pound corporations who need to think twice about incoming mail.

Speaking in May’s edition of Risk magazine, Neopost’s very own Antony Paul underlined how the need to screen inbound mail and packages goes beyond terrorist threats – with “disgruntled former employees and customers” a particularly prominent issue for many smaller businesses.

Although organisations such as banks and government agencies are at particular risk from terrorist threats, smaller firms also need to be alive to what their own staff is doing. With the growth of ecommerce seeing a rise in the amount of parcels staff are having delivered to the workplace, firms need to do more to ensure these mail items are safe.

What are the sort of threats my business might be facing?

The nature of the threats that businesses are facing have continued to evolve. Whereas conventional mail threats used to come in the guise of mechanical based-devices, today’s threats are far more concealed and difficult to spot.

Today, one of the biggest threats businesses face in the mailroom is the delivery of hazardous powder based materials within mail items. Additionally, mechanical devices and harmful organic materials are still classed amongst today’s most common threats.

So how do I go about protecting my business and its employees?

Protecting your employees from harm and your business from serious financial ramifications doesn’t need to involve costly restructuring. Here are our top tips for keeping your business safe from mailroom threats:

Implement a best practice strategy

Developing a robust inbound mail process is key to helping establish mailroom safety. Look to ensure that all items delivered into your facility are initially delivered to a central point. Here, all items – which should also include hand delivered mail items – can then be screened and managed in a dedicated location.

Utilise mail screening technology

Depending on the volume of mail your company receives, there are a number of options available to effectively screen your mail. Screening can help identity tell-tale signs of dangerous mail items such as metal and powder, with screening systems typically coming in two popular forms – cabinet and conveyors. Cabinets represent a cheaper, more cost-effective option while conveyors are best suited to high mail volumes.

Train your employees 

Staff employed to handle inbound mail should be suitably trained in order to spot the typical traits of a malicious device. Once these items have been identified, it’s additionally important to develop a process around subsequent courses of action.

In order to weigh up your need to invest in mail security, it’s important to think of the future issues a security threat could have for your business. From costly temporary closure, to the risk of harm to customers and employees, mail screening helps lessen your organisation’s exposure to potentially these damaging consequences.

When implemented properly, mailroom security isn’t just expenditure for your business – it’s an investment.

Here at Neopost, we offer a range of cost-effective and highly effective mailroom security solutions. Contact us today for more information.