Is Your Cheap Web Design Uninviting?

Blog post   •   Jan 23, 2018 07:55 GMT

Studies have shown that your website’s appearance plays a huge role in conversions. Clever use of content, colour and graphics can help to attract visitors. Though, if these three elements do not work well together, they will have the opposite effect.

The following are examples of common mistakes cheap web design can make which will ultimately drive away your potential visitors.

Pages That Are Hard To Navigate

Your visitors will feel annoyed if they are unable to find what they are searching for when they visit your website. So, to guarantee that navigating your website is a breeze, check that your cheap web design includes a navigation bar that is easy to spot. Also, if you boast many product pages, be sure to include a search bar that will help your customers to find the specific products that they are looking for without any hassle.

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Content That Is Difficult to Read

Readability is key! People who are unfamiliar with your industry’s jargon will also visit your website. So, when you use technical terminology always ensure that you explain these terms whenever it gets referenced the first time so that any reader will be able to understand your content.

Too Many Advertisements

Internet users are starting to find advertisements more irritating by the day. In fact, if a visitor does not have to browse through too many advertisements just to read the content, the chances are much better that he or she will actually stay on that page. Even better yet, try to ensure that your cheap web design does not include any advertisements whatsoever.

Too Many Calls To Action

Yes, it is vital that your cheap web design incorporates calls to action on your website, but if there are too many they can become unbearable. Too many calls-to-action buttons can confuse your visitors or create the impression that you are trying too hard to sell your products or services.

For calls-to-action buttons to be effective, they should not demand personal info. Instead, they should give your visitors the chance to get in touch with you when they feel the time is convenient.

Outdated Cheap Web Design

Nowadays Internet users expect business websites to have certain elements. Ensure that your website is modern and easy to navigate. If it is time to update your website, spend some time researching before you decide on a company to update your website as there are many things you most likely do not know about web designers.

Videos That Play As Soon As Your First Page Opens

It is very irksome when a website automatically plays a video clip. Visitors are usually not impressed at all when they have to hear loud music without having pressed play. Therefore, rather avoid autoplay and give your visitors the freedom to choose if they want to watch your video.

Poor-quality Stock Photos

Does your cheap web design include stock photos that are overly dramatised? If it does, these types of stock photos can really damage the image of your professional website. Stock photos like these can create the impression that your business does not have the money to take your own quality photos of your business. So, rather leave it to the pros and get a professional photographer to take high-quality photos of your business, products etc.