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Jellyfish Sting Tips - Frank Cook

Blog post   •   Oct 12, 2010 17:22 BST

On the Elba tour, I led last week one the clients had an experience which I undertook to report to you for inclusion on the blog.  A regular and frequent client of Ramblers Worldwide Holidays was swimming off the beach at Portoferraio on Elba during a recent tour, when she was stung on the leg by a jellyfish.

Showing great presence of mind, she returned to the beach, and in the knowledge that the best treatment is an immediate application of ammonia; she squatted down, urinated into her cupped hands, and applied the liquid to her leg, as well as the hand she had used to brush away the tentacles.  The result of her speedy reaction was that all trace of the incident had gone within 48 hours! Drastic but effective!

She was most anxious that other clients benefit from her experience.