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Keeping Your Cleaning Company in Business and Thriving

Blog post   •   Dec 16, 2015 15:26 GMT

When you are in charge of a cleaning company that is currently doing mostly well, but you want it to be noticed, talked about, and the adjective to describe its performance to be ‘exceptional’, then you need to take measures. Even if you just started out, you can still do so much to make yourself known to the wider public and perform much better on your jobs. It depends on your employees, it depends on you, it depends on your dedication to the customer and to the environment. The factors are many and by touching the right spots you can stimulate your workforce and have your company thrive in the cleaning services business.

  • Prices

Of course, the first thing you need to think about are the prices. This is the first thing that customers will look at when they notice you. You need to do your research and see how is the competition doing and what prices they are offering. Offer something similar or smaller, but always have in mind what your outcome is and never compromise on prices if you will come out at a loss. Exclusive offers are a good way to offer clients better prices to get noticed and then your cleaners can be used for regular services.

  • Advertisement

Whatever you are doing to advertise your company, it is not enough. With today’s media there are literally hundreds of ways to get your name out there. Posters on the street are old-fashioned and brochures annoy people, but social media is available for everybody and people always pay attention to it. Not to mention that posters and brochures require publishing fees, while social media is completely free. Make a website, make two, make one for each service. Advertise on Facebook, Google+, tumblr, Instagram, and so on. Place adds in papers and magazines as well – people still read those.

  • Always stay ahead

Looking what the competition is doing is vital. Everybody can benefit from new ideas and if your competition came up with something brilliant, you need to use it with a new twist. And at the same time, have a creative team to come up with new ideas which you can use and surprise both customers and competition. Exclusive offers, free trials, package deals – cleaning agencies have all sorts of tricks to lure clients in, so make use of them.

  • Keep the personnel motivated

Last, but definitely not least, you want to have a good relation with your workforce. Your professional carpet cleaners need to be motivated to do what they do and not feel like workslaves which you push to other houses and make all other people happy except the ones that are working for you and gaining you all your earnings. Keep wages regularly coming, have a bonus system, treat them as you would want to be treated. Also, have them advertise as well and offer deals to customers, motivate them to be friendly and desired by customers. A likeable crew will get you far even if your prices cannot compare to another company – people will always choose the friendlier and better-working crew.

With these tricks your business should do great. Make your cleaning company approachable, welcoming and friendly to all customers. Lure them in with great deals and rates and keep them with quality of service and your business will thrive.