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Blog post   •   Sep 07, 2010 15:18 BST

- Keep it simple! Most simple leaflets will include text and images. It is most likely that you will want your leaflet to appeal to as many people as possible so try and use simple plain English and sentence structure so that your text flows well.
- Depending on your aim, try to use descriptive words that will create images in people's minds or inspire them to want to find out more about your service.
- State the obvious! Remember to keep things basic and state the obvious. While working on a project it can be hard to remember to do just this, but just because you understand something don't assume others will. This is important event when a leaflet is aimed at a specific interest group because people will all have different levels of knowledge.
- Try not to overcrowd the leaflet with text. Choose a few key points and enlarge on these. Use text design elements such as headings or bullet points to clearly summarise points to avoid long explanations.