LG Optimus 7 Review: The Most Powerful WP7 Handset

Blog post   •   Feb 12, 2011 19:49 GMT

The LG E900 Optimus 7 can truly be considered as one of the most significant creations of the contemporary epoch. When LG first announced that it will foray into the Windows mobile space, everyone here in UK though that it would just be yet another lame entry. But thankfully, LG has proved all their critics wrong by launching the elegant and futuristic LG E900 Optimus 7. According to most LG Optimus 7 review, the handset definitely stands out from the crowd with its aesthetically appealing plastic metallic black body that gives away a brushed aluminum feel. Under the hood the Optimus 7 carries the highly acclaimed 1Ghz Snapdragon CPU that includes a dedicated GPU core.

Lately, we have seen Android ruling the market thanks to its cleverly designed UI which is incredibly customizable. However, looking at a LG Optimus 7 review, the E900 is not too far behind with its WP7 OS. In fact, the OS can also be effortlessly customized but even better to see is that Microsoft have gone about filling up the entire screen space with interactive live contents. That means your Optimus 7 will now have close to 8 large sized menu right on the home screen that not only looks good but it’s also quite neat and effective.

LG clearly knew that the biggest plus about the WP7 OS will be its gaming system.  That’s why LG eventually decided to with a large 3.8 inch touch sensitive gorilla glass display. According to LG Optimus 7 review, features such as Proximity sensor, Accelerometer sensor and all touch input method come as standard. Coming back to the Xbox live gaming system powered by XNA, most of the LG Optimus 7 review are of the view that the touch based games are far superior than those seen on Android handsets.  However, some mobile phone reviews have voiced their disconcert on the lack of available games. Although Microsoft haven’t announced any official release of mobile Xbox live games as yet, but reports published within quite a few mobile phone reviews suggest that the company might be bringing close to 60 games within 2011.

The LG E900 Optimus 7 brings in plenty to the table. LG have bestowed the handset with WLAN, Bluetooth 2.1 and USB 2.0. From the multimedia side, the handset acquires a noble 5MP camera that can capture HD video shots at 720p. The fully autofocus camera can also be used for Geo tagging besides encompassing a nifty LED flash right at the back. Nearly all mobile phone reviews are particularly impressed with the call quality on this handset. This being a complete 3G Quadband handset, does feature a special built in antenna that actually ends up boasting signal strength especial in low signal zones.

Looking on to the expected LG Optimus 7 deals; well, LG will be officially unveiling this beauty in this month’s MWC according to most mobile phone reviews. The official release will also mark the start of official LG Optimus 7 deals coming in from diverse mobile carriers. LG expects to ship in the handset within the 1st quarter itself in both GSM and CDMA format.