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Lilian Ifeoma Chibiko nominated for the King’s Foundation Young leadership award 2011

Blog post   •   Feb 18, 2011 12:58 GMT

MKFC employee Lilian Ifeoma Chibiko has been nominated for the King’s Foundation Young leadership award 2011


" It was very surprising news to me when I got a mail from Lena Bengtsson telling congratulation, that I have been nominated for the King’s Foundation Young Leadership Award.

Katrin Rau sent the nomination, from the department of International Social Work Department. She wrote a lot of positive and encouraging things about me. This has really convinced me that it pays to work hard. Even though the final result is not yet out, but I have been motivated a lot by this positive sign.

I remain grateful to the Catholic Diocese of Stockholm who through the instrumentality of our dear Bishop Anders Aborelius, the Catholic Bishop of Stockholm who invited my Congregation Daughters of Mary Mother of Mercy to Sweden. Our work has been to work with African Immigrants in Sweden pastorally, Council ling and through social activities that can help them keep to their faiths and as well promote integration in the Swedish mainstream society. It was challenging to me and my sisters in the beginning without any word in Swedish.

Sweden is a country where great number of people speak English language, so we were able to manage. It is also a country where things work by merit. They are sincere people and I have really learnt a lot in my four years in the country.

My words today go to my fellow Africans. Living in a foreign country is not easy. Lots of challenges but we should not give up because I believe that no sincere effort goes unrewarded. The more sincere we are with hard work, the more we can experience positive results and blessings. Deliver with friendliness and love that is the African spirit we have to share with the rest of the world.

African youths in the Diaspora, we have a lot to take back home. We should encourage brain- gain. Africa is growing and we all are responsible in one way towards the development of the continent. I appreciate what MKFC Stockholm College, ADNYE(African Diaspora Youth Network in Europe), North South Centre of the Council of Europe, African Empowerment Centre Stockholm and other NGOs and institutions are doing so far in the promotion of development, integration and brain-gain.

Do not give up despite ups and downs of life, little efforts, and great result! One day, we shall live to tell the good stories.

Remember, together we can make it happen!! "