Looking For The Types Of Technical Debt Before Trying To Solve It

Blog post   •   Aug 08, 2017 11:24 BST

In general sense, technical debt is basically defined as deficiencies in code, development environment, code, technical documentation, development practices and 3rd party tools. That makes coding quite hard for team to change. In real sense, technical debt is everything, which can make code hard to work on. It is basically an invisible killer of software centric options and needs to manage aggressively manner. In case, you want to know more about the solutions, then you have to think about the types of technical debt first. That will help you to know more about the perfect solutions to deal with over here for help.

Lack of test is the first one:
One major type of technical debt has to be related to lack of tests. Code, which is not protected by tests, can prove to be quite hard to change. Developers either have little or no confidence at all, which will help them to get into successful change to make. This is adaptable unless they have proper tests, which can prove that they did not break anything associated with coding. Lack of test is always a big deal and can give rise to legacy code. This kind of legacy code is something, which is without any form of testing.

Now for the designs:
Bad design is another type of problem, which can eventually give rise to technical debt if not taken proper care on time. Bad design means code, which is structured poorly in multiple ways. There are basically three structural issues associated in this segment. To learn more, you can check online and get the details. You cannot duplicate same behavior in multiple times throughout the chosen code base. It is mandatory for the modules to be quite cohesive in nature and coupled loosely to one another. Each module should have intention-revealing name, which will allow developers to grasp on what the module does and why their presence is necessary. These three major structures issues take place.

Technical document lacking:
For changing the code, the developers have to find the code, which is to be changed. Documentation does not need to be always exhaustive. It can easily be imbedded in code or Wiki. Some forms of technical documentation are required to make the code easily understandable. This is another type of technical debt, which people generally come across. You have to treat it in the best manner possible and get rewarding results in the end for sure. Multiple options are available and you can choose the best one among the lot.

Follow on poor readability:
Another type of technical debt has to be the notion relating to poor readability. Majority of code is currently written around 5, 10 or 20 years. It has to be maintained on a continuous role and changed throughout time. The code size, as it grows, will make maintenance harder with passing time. Making this code readable means it is quite easier to change or modify. Some points can always help you to improve readability at its best and offer quality responses in no time, to be sure.

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