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Love and spice and all things nice - Aphrodisiac Recipe

Blog post   •   Feb 04, 2016 07:53 GMT

Love is in the air! If you’re one of the devoted ones who would like to make an effort this Valentine’s day, then fear no more.

Don’t waste your money on a 3-course meal in a fancy restaurant… home cooked food is definitely more impressive and will win points for the ‘cute’ factor.

Below you will find a perfect, spark-inducing, easy to cook recipe. Most importantly the recipe contains aphrodisiac ingredients. Bingo.

Aphrodisiac One-Pot 

Aphrodisiacs. Foods or drinks that stimulates sexual desire. We’re hoping that you don’t need any help with this, however for those that may, this Chicken One-Pot is the answer.

The convenience of the recipe is that you put all of the ingredients into just one pot, saving on washing up, so you have more time to spend with your other half.

The love ingredients in this potion are chilli, chorizo and avocado .What makes these ingredients aphrodisiacs? Eating chilli peppers generates a physiological response in our bodies and avocados have a rich flavour and it’s aphrodisiac reputation leads back to the Aztecs. As for chorizo, this contains high levels of protein and zinc, which is beneficial for hormone production of the male kind.

Finally, the majority of this meal can be made in a microwave, meaning that the oven is free to bake a cake for pudding.