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Lovely Lycian Way: Part Four - Diane Illingworth

Blog post   •   Feb 14, 2011 15:35 GMT

Sun 14 Nov – day 5
Our rest day or day off. My feet and legs need a rest so chose not to join the optional walk to a nearby beach but to amble slowly around the resort. My roommate joined me or….I joined her. On reaching the Quay we realised we had not seen any of the little boutique style shops offering their attempting wares. As we were at the Quay, decided we should enjoy this area first and walked along the stone jetty. It was another hot day but thankfully at the pier end, there was a lovely breeze. We sat for some time enjoying the peace, the environment and watching for other Rambler participants. Liz & Graeme joined us later and we chatted about this and that. Liz had done the ML training as well as myself. Then we started back along the lower quay as the breeze was now quite strong with violent gusts. We found a delightful harbour side cafe and participated in refreshments and then up those enticing back lanes to the delightful shops. It did not take us long to spend a substantial amount and we were broke! We headed back down to the Quay to enjoy a Carte D’or ice cream, after which we climbed back up to the hotel ready for our Turkish Bath. Six of us packed into the hotel taxi and were taken to the Club. Wow, what an experience. Our young Turkish guide Halide joined us at the hotel. We were steamed, cooled, steamed again and then herded into the actual Turkish Bath room. This was tiled throughout and not unlike a sauna. We were scrubbed, exfoliated, covered in froth, massaged and then rinsed with cold and warm water. Our next treatment involved a face mask of something that looked like mud! Then a very welcome cup of apple tea. It was a wonderful treatment and we all felt so clean and rested. When the pack had dried, we washed our faces, donned our clothes and journeyed back to the hotel. A wonderful experience for 45TL. Later at the hotel the main dish was fish but after last night’s efforts could not face the experience.


Mon 15 Nov – day 6
Again we met at the bus at 9.00am. The walk was supposed to be tough and 17K. It turned out even longer as the bus could not get to the start point, owing to drainage work taking place and heavy plant vehicles. The going uphill was quite gentle and the views lovely. We plodded along stopping for lunch at a clearing near the top. We ate from strawberry trees! Very nice but not as nice as English strawberries. We climbed and scrambled over the rough tracks, through bushes and scratchy trees, till we came to Phellos, another ancient ruined city. It was amazing, almost right on top of the ridge of the mountain. All around were mountains and far reaching views, only everything is in a heat haze. We started walking at 9.45am and finished at 4.45pm. A long day, but thankfully, slightly cooler. For our evening meal we went down to the harbour and had a pleasant meal overlooking the harbour side square.


We leave Kas. Kas was a very pleasant small resort. Peaceful, picturesque with friendly people. Dogs and cats roamed completely free, feeding from where ever they could and sleeping under bins. They appeared to be tagged and we later learnt there was an animal sanctuary nearby that cared for them and seeing as they were spayed, they all lived very peaceably together and were absolutely no trouble. The hotel needed a bit of updating and really it was only just an upmarket Youth Hostel. The shops were interesting, open early and closing late with all sorts of goodies on sale and the sales people were not too pushy.