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Lovely Lycian Way: Part One - Diane Illingworth

Blog post   •   Feb 03, 2011 13:05 GMT

Tues 9 Nov 
I awoke at 4.00am and had plenty of time to prepare for the 6.00am bus to the airport.  The check in was quite quick and easy but I had to pay £1 for a sealed plastic bag to hold my lip seal and hand cleaner!  Then I had the most expensive breakfast ever at £9.20 and it was pretty awful at that!
Anyway, everything went well and the flight fine but we were served breakfast instead of lunch.  I am pretty glad I indulged in that extra breakfast as it was a very long time before we had a chance to eat again.  On arrival we were met by the Ramblers representative and drove Antalya.  Before dinner we had a brief explore of the Old City where the hotel was located and then a lovely meal seated in the gardens at 7.30pm Turkish time (2 hours ahead).  Early to bed after an exceedingly long day.


Wed 10 Nov – day 1
Thankfully my roommate awoke and managed to get me to breakfast for 7.30am.  It was a lovely self service breakfast and then a 3 ½ hour journey by coach to Kas.  It did not seem that long and at our comfort stop  managed to purchased a delicious drink of lemon and I hope to be able to buy more. Yum, Yum.
We stopped for lunch in a small village and a family cooked for us over a sort of barbeque.  Lunch of pancake type things, fresh tomato and cucumber, along with a yoghurt drink was 10TL.  Then we walked down to our hotel.  At the end, adjoining the main road, a sign said 5K but it seemed more like 8 miles!!  The going underfoot was very rough.  Eventually we arrived at a magnificent view point above Kas and looking out over the sea.  It was wonderful but a heat haze made any photography unlikely.  Then came a difficult descent.  It was long and difficult over scree and rocks and we were very glad to reach the bottom without any broken limbs or slipping too much.
We walked down a steep road to our hotel.  We had a lovely room with a balcony and bougainvillia clambering all over it. The view was fantastic with the setting sun behind the nearby mosque, sea and islands.  At 5.30 and dark we walked down into the town and the harbour.  Everywhere looked so lovely with their sparkling shops selling all sorts of tourist souvenirs.  Then back for dinner at 7.30pm.