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Lovely Lycian Way: Part Three - Diane Illingworth

Blog post   •   Feb 14, 2011 15:16 GMT

Friday 12 Nov – day 3
I slept a little better last night but only after taking a sleeping tablet! Apart from the yoghurt and honey, I do not find the breakfast very appealing and rather a poor start to the day.
Today we met at the bus at 9.00am and drove for an hour. We stopped at Xanthos another ruined Roman town. Wow, what an amazing site. We were allowed an hour to explore the incredible ruins. We even saw a tortoise scrambling amongst the ruins. Then onto the start of our hike. Today was an exhausting scramble through scrub, over hills with steep climbs. The views were always similar and the route arduous but we all managed it. We balanced on the edge of another Roman aqueduct which would have supplied water to the city of Xanthos. We ended our walk in the village of Uzumlu where most of us exhausted had refreshments but NO beer (as it was a Friday) before travelling on the bus back to the hotel. We saw some lovely homes, tucked into the hillside with bougainvillea tumbling everywhere, various animals and village homes or farmsteads. We saw pomegranates growing wild on the trees, picked myrtle berries which we ate!


Sat 13 Nov – day 4
As we were so exhausted we slept well. We boarded the bus at 9.00am and journeyed for an hour, stopping briefly to view some Lycian tombs by the road side.
The walk today was more interesting as we climbed into the mountains with different views. The terrain was extremely rocky with Tor like structures similar to Dartmoor. The route was a mixture of rocky scrambles, rough tracks and pathways. We stopped at a green valley by a water point, surrounded by goats. It was a large herd and an elderly lady in traditional pheasant clothes guarded them. The goats crowded us and almost mobbed Halide. Later the lady let me take her photograph holding a white goat. On again, through scenic boulder strewn landscape. Much later we came to a homestead, totally isolated. The fields nearby had been cleared of stones and the lush ground was well cultivated. The lady of the house invited us to take tea and encouraged us to take a look inside her very simple home. The man of the house welcomed us and showed us photographs sent to him by a previous ‘Ramblers group’. He was so proud of this album. It was truly lovely to see a totally different and un-commercialised way of life. Then onwards again. Some of the group became concerned that we had spent too long at the homestead and we had not allowed enough daylight hours to descend safely to the bus or to allow any time for errors. But nothing happened and we arrived at the bus and village totally exhausted after a lovely day (my favourite day). Then a very hair raising drive over mountain roads with unprotected hairpin bends.


Later after showers and a brief rest, we went down to the Quay for a meal in a fish restaurant. I am afraid to say, none of us were impressed with either the service or the food, nor the prices of the drinks. The fish smelt odd and was not cooked properly. The town looked quite busy with folk enjoying Saturday evening.