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Lovely Lycian Way: Part Two - Diane Illingworth

Blog post   •   Feb 03, 2011 14:39 GMT

Mmm, last night?  Well the room may have been larger than our last but it was pretty basic!  There was not much room in the shower, no hairdryer and seemingly, only one plug.  The bed was comfy enough but a strange arrangement with a fitted bottom sheet and then a heavy bedspread type top that was very rough.  Over this was a folded double bedspread.  The hotel had lovely views from the balcony but the Mosque was only 100 yds away and so at 5.30am we were blasted with the call for prayer.  As it started, one dog barked and in no time there was a dog’s chorus, all whining and howling.  Perhaps they were being called for prayer too!  Perhaps I will sleep better tonight.


The breakfast was not so nice as the previous hotel either although there was TEA!  Lots of yoghurt and honey but otherwise an assortment of cheese, hard boiled eggs, cucumber, tomatoes and olives.  I did not feel too full and know I will the energy later.  I learnt, this is the norm for Turkish breakfast.  We bought our various packed lunches and met the bus at 9.30am.  It was very hot.  We drove for approx 40 mins and climbed over rough ground to a Roman aqueduct.  It was amazing at 1400BC.  Then we followed a track for seemingly miles, whilst several dogs followed us.  We thought they followed us for food but when we actually did stop for lunch, they lay some distance from us, resting and did not bother us for food at all.  Allide (our delightful young Turkish guide) showed us a well and demonstrated with a shiny new bucket hanging in a nearby tree.  Then we came to Patara and a ruined Roman city of similar age to the aqueduct.  Again it was amazing.  We stopped in the shadow of three arches to enjoy lunch.  We explored the ruins including a superb Roman Amphitheatre, where we were able to climb up into the upper seating.  Unfortunately, the group left at ground level and in the arena would not perform for us, even though we clapped and booed.  Then onto the most beautiful, pure white sandy beach with waves crashing on the shore.  We sheltered (from the sun) beneath a thatched beach bar and some of us went for a swim.  Actually the sea was so strong it became more of a fun dip as we wrestled with the under pull of the waves.  It was so refreshing but I was extremely exhausted on leaving the sea.  Back to the bus and the long drive back to Kas.  After a shower, nap and freshen up, we wondered down into Kas for a fabulous meal at a street restaurant.