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Madeira in the Rain!

Blog post   •   Jan 27, 2010 15:03 GMT

We walked many a wet route on what I believe is called a normal levada…

normal levada

We passed under waterfalls that were slightly damp…

slightly damp

Little did we know that we would soon be passing under the waterfall…

the waterfall

Never mind we think, it will be drier in the tunnel. But we were wrong…

the tunnel

Things could be worse it was only a slight descent down to the hotel. A pattern was forming…

down to the hotel

Yes it rained a lot, but would the Christmas Day “small waterfall” have been so impressive if not?

asmall waterfall

The day before we had a bridge…

a bridge

… and another bridge. We were spoilt!

another bridge

Neil then broke with tradition and we did a down and up because somebody had asked Santa for a bridge and he had taken ours. Then on Boxing Day we were all in for a big shock, not only was the sun out, but we got to walk uphill…


This must have been a real shock because we then refused taxis and agreed we would walk down. There were only a few steps… hours later there are still 1000 steps left…

1000 steps left

Never mind, we got back and we got to enjoy the sunset.

the sunset

We then got to walk the peninsula; there were ridges and we were in the sun…

in the sun

We had the best of both when we followed in the nun’s footsteps (sun and rain), and like buses the rainbows came in twos!


At the end we got to enjoy the traditional coffee break.

coffee break

Neil still had to turn it into an up and back…

up and back

The police in Funchal are looking for 2 English women for questioning about reindeer abuse…

reindeer abuse

New Years Eve, midnight came and Funchal exploded.


The last day and we did and up and back and guess what – I see mountains!

I see mountains

Then we saw something that was so rare that it is seldom seen. Yes – a sunny levada!

sunny levada

And what’s more, could this possibly be a bridge? Only one was mad enough to try…

possibly a bridge